Paper on ESABALT receives the Best Student Paper Award at ENC 2015

‘Feasibility of Sentinel-1 data for Enhanced Maritime Safety and Situational Awareness’ was authored by Olli Nevalainen of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute at the 2015 European Navigation Conference (ENC) in Bordeaux, France, 7-10th April.

One of the key tasks in the ESABALT project is to study how freely accessible data from Sentinel-1 (a satellite constellation of the European Copernicus program, which provides remote sensing imagery) can be used to improve maritime safety within the Baltic Sea by providing value-added data, such as sea ice maps and ship and oil spill detection services. Sentinel-1 provides radar imagery which is beneficial for marine environment monitoring, because radars can measure through clouds and are not dependent on sunlight which enables nighttime imaging).  The ESABALT project paper regarding this subject, titled “Feasibility of Sentinel-1 data for Enhanced Maritime Safety and Situational Awareness” was presented and awarded the Best Student Paper Award to Olli Nevalainen at ENC 2015.

This news was also published in an article in the May 2015 issue of the BONUS Bulletin, here.


ENC2015 Best Student Paper Award Winner Olli Nevalainen seen here at FGI with his Hyper Spectral Lidar


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