BONUS ESABALT – Partner Countries and Organizations

Picture1Figure: ESABALT consortium includes Finland, Sweden, and Poland

Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland

FGI is a governmental research institute specializing in geospatial information science and technology. FGI is part of the National Land Survey of Finland, and carries out national and international research projects in collaboration with academia, public-sector bodies and the geospatial business sector in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The Department of Navigation and Positioning (N&P) of FGI, with personnel of 17 researchers, is the coordinator of ESABALT. The department has experience in the areas of seamless indoor/outdoor positioning based on a multi-sensor approach, 3D personal navigation and location-based services, GNSS positioning especially the upcoming European Galileo system, satellite-based augmentation systems such as EGNOS, and pseudolites. The group on ‘Intelligent Mobility and Geospatial Computing’ within the N&P Dept. conducts research on situational and context awareness, intelligent transportation systems, maritime navigation, location based services, big geo-data, navigation challenges in the Arctic, and transportation safety.

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Furuno Finland Ltd, Finland

Furuno is one of the largest marine electronics companies in the world, delivering equipment, systems and services starting from small yachts to the largest oil tankers. Furuno Finland is delivering marine and surveillance systems in Finland and the Baltic area. In addition, the company is developing state-of-the-art ECDIS software, integrated navigation systems and maritime surveillance systems for the global market.

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SSPA, Sweden

Research at SSPA is focused on maritime transport from a holistic perspective. Efficiency, environmental impact and safety with respect to vehicle design, ports and waterways, as well as maritime operations are key areas for in-depth research. SSPA´s long-term expertise is in areas such as optimum ship hull and propulsion design and mathematical modelling of vehicle motion in waves and confined waters.

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Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland

The Maritime University of Szczecin is a higher education, state-financed institution that continues the traditions of marine schools established in Szczecin in 1947. There are 3 faculties in the Maritime University of Szczecin: Faculty of Navigation, Faculty of Marine Engineering, Faculty of Transport Engineering and Economics. The University has over 100 well-equipped laboratories, a modern research-training vessel the m/s Nawigator XXI, and 14 technically advanced simulators. These facilities make the University one of the best-equipped maritime universities in the world.

More information here.



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