SIMSA 2016

2016 Workshop on

Solutions for Maritime Situational Awareness

(SIMSA 2016)

12th February, 2016 – Helsinki Finland


The BONUS ESABALT project consortium organized the Workshop on Solutions for Maritime Situational Awareness on February 12th in Helsinki, Finland. Participation in the workshop was free-of-charge, however we kindly requested the audience to register their participation.
SIMSA 2016
12.2.2016, at 8.30-16:00
Big Auditorium
Opastinsilta 12
Helsinki, Finland.

News about SIMSA 2016 in the BONUS Portal is here.

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The core themes of the workshop were:

1. Challenges for maritime situational awareness, especially in the context of the Baltic Sea,
2. State-of-art solutions and technology gaps for improving maritime situational awareness,
3. Industry, academia, and national authority perspectives, and
4. To disseminate the results of the BONUS ESABALT project to maritime stakeholders from the BSR.

Event Registration: CLOSED

Technical program is here.

Speaker Affiliation Title of Presentation Presentation
Prof. Heidi Kuusniemi Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), Finland Maritime Research at FGI LINK
Prof. Michael Baldauf World Maritime University, Sweden Maritime Situational Awareness – Will e-Navigation Lead to Perfect Alarming? LINK
Egbert Schwarz German Remote Sensing Data Center, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany Near Real-Time Applications for Maritime Situational Awareness LINK
Andris Andrusaitis Programme Manager, EU BONUS Program BONUS for Safer and Cleaner Shipping in the Baltic LINK
Eija Kaasinen Principal Researcher, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Finland Future Ship Bridge Concepts with Situational Awareness LINK
Sarang Thombre Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), Finland Project BONUS ESABALT – Improving Situational Awareness through Maritime Information Crowdsourcing – Overall Results and Impact LINK
Juhani Laukkanen Furuno Finland Oy, Finland Project BONUS ESABALT – Proof of Concept Demonstrator LINK
Pawel Banas Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland Project BONUS ESABALT – Economic and Non-Economic Feasibility Analysis LINK
Philippe Ghawi SSPA Sweden AB, Sweden Project BONUS ESABALT – Future Roadmap LINK
Rivo Uiboupin Marine Systems Institute, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia Maritime Situational Awareness for Oil Spill Detection – Project BONUS GEOILWATCH LINK
Dainis Jakovels Lead Researcher, Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvia Assessment and Monitoring of Marine Environment using Airborne Remote Sensing Technique: Experience of the Institute for Environmental Solutions LINK
Tommi Arola Head of Unit (Mobility Innovations and R&D), Finnish Traffic Safety Agency (Trafi), Finland (1) EU Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) and Digitization Issues in the Maritime Domain, (2) Current Activities of the EUSBSR Policy Area on Maritime Safety and Security LINK
Jacob W. Clausen Head of Advisory, Marorka, Denmark Data Management and Role of Big-data in Maritime Situational Awareness LINK
Prof. Zbigniew Pietrzykowski Maritime University of Szczecin, Sup4Nav LLC, Poland Navigational Decision Support System NAVDEC LINK
Karol Brzostowski GNSS Specialist, Astri Polska, Poland Captain Assistant System for Maritime Situational Awareness during Harbor Operations – Project BONUS ANCHOR LINK
Jukka Salminen Chartering Manager, Arctia Shipping Ltd., Finland Maritime Situational Awareness for Ice-Breakers and Ice Navigation LINK
Osiris A. Valdez Banda Kotka Maritime Research Centre, Aalto University, Finland Role of Risk Management in Wintertime Maritime Situational Awareness – Project BONUS STORMWINDS LINK
The Workshop contents were directed to participants from the maritime industry, maritime authorities from Baltic Countries and academics in the domain of maritime safety and security.


EU BONUS project ESABALT – Enhanced Situational Awareness for Improved Maritime Safety in the Baltic – is a Flagship Project under the Policy Area PA SAFE of the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region. Project partners are Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland, SSPA Sweden Ab, Furuno Finland Oy, and Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI).


Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Best Regards,
Prof. Heidi Kuusniemi – Project Scientific and Management Coordinator
Dr. Sarang Thombre – Project Technology Lead

Enhanced Situational Awareness to Improve Maritime Safety in the Baltic Sea

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